Karen Jones Meadows

Karen Jone

              Karen Jones Meadows                                                                                                                                                                 Harmonizing Intuitive/Psychic & Multi-Disciplined Artist

This a great time to look at how you have been living, and what you want to include as your next steps.  Let me help you access, understand, and trust your soul’s guidance, your most powerful key to navigate the maze and amazement that is your life.                                                                                                                                     

                                 INDIVIDUAL INTUITIVE/PSYCHIC SESSIONS

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, ​clairsentient, clairempathy, practical psychic, with 30+ years of experience.  Through in-depth exploration we examine your beliefs, talents, powers, and challenges, to design practical actions that meet your individual broad life desires.  Sessions are via phone and recorded for your ongoing benefit.  Zoom is possible.                                               

                                                                                 60-Minute Session Guidance $150

                                                           ​                      90-Minute Session Guidance $175

                                                                                 30-Minute Session Guidance $100



PLAY FOR LIFE COMPLETE WORKSHOP is a personalized 6-Month harmonizing journey.  You receive 24 emailed finish-at-your-own-pace action adventure activities, and 12 1:1 intuitive/insight sessions to support your action adventure processes, life priorities, spiritual evolution, and power to create what is most important for you now.  Fire-up your frequency, freedom, and flourishing, as you harmonize your life.  $2340  Detailed page link.

PLAY FOR LIFE MINI WORKSHOP allows you to choose 4 or 6 emailed finish-at-your-own-pace action adventure activities, and receive 1:1 intuitive/insight sessions in support of each action adventure you complete, with an emphasis on what is most significant for you now.  Fire-up your frequency, freedom, and flourishing, as you harmonize your life.  4 Mini Workshops $600   6 Mini Workshops $800   Detailed page link   

                                                                                      PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE

PLAY FOR LIFE candidates are required to have a free exploration call with me to make sure we are well matched for this journey together.




You will focus on 3 areas you want to harmonize and up-level.  Your sessions include exploring 22 universal harmonies, personalized in-depth action adventure steps, creative activities, and intuitive guidance for measurable manifested outcomes. Sessions are via phone and recorded for your ongoing benefit.                Detailed page link.

                                      Ten 60-90 Minute Focused Creation Sessions Within 4 Months $3600

                                    Fifteen 60-90 Minute Focused Creation Sessions Within 8 Months $4500

                                                                                  PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE                                                                     

HARMONIZED MANIFESTATIONS candidates are required to have a free exploration call with me to make sure we are well matched for this journey together.


I wanted a reading because I was embarking on a career change after years of being ill. Karen was  right on in the direction I was going and Spirit reassured me of what the reality of my situation was. Karen is so talented as she hones in on the present and gives you information that is dead on truthful. Her keen ability to hear and see your situation makes for a magical experience. I will only stop  consulting with her until one of us is dead!  Had to put that in because it is true. I would  never go to anyone else! Dr. Rita  Ferraro,  ND

A very close friend suggested I give Karen a try.  After the first reading, I was left with a lingering feeling of contemplation and a heightened sense of purpose. As the days passed, I found myself jotting down topics to discuss during our next reading. The point is during our readings, Karen put me in touch with a part of myself no longer reserved for thought alone. She gave that part of me a voice that she in turn listened to and nurtured. – Andrew M. Illinois

Karen Meadows has an extraordinary connection with the “Next World.” I lost my father and was devastated. I never thought I could be happy again. One meeting with Karen put light back in my heart to heal. My readings with Karen have helped with work and family issues. A session with Karen will guide you in the right direction and leave you with clear thoughts. ​​​- Nikola T. NM

I was a skeptic, especially since I knew Karen since childhood before she started reading.  When she told me I ingested something everyday that didn’t agree with me and I needed to stop, I figured she didn’t know what she was talking about.  A few days later, after my morning coughing spell, I realized what it was, stopped taking it, and began checking in every six months for updates and guidance.  I listen to myself and her now.​ – N. L. Chicago ​​​

Karen’s reading guided me to a new level of thinking about myself as an artist. She  saw things that hindered my progress and gave thought provoking solutions. Thank you Karen for your expert interpretations and info from my guides. – Wanda Meekins, NC

Karen is…simply, extraordinary. She is a seer. She is fierce, elegant, brilliant, made from love. Her spirit is like honey, her truth like a sweet and burning chili pepper. Her words cleanse and guide us toward and on to our own true paths. If and when we are able to receive, she sets us FREE… – ​Kira J. , Barcelona, Spain

I’m so grateful to have been blessed with a number of Karen’s gifted readings of light over the past 2 decades. Each and every one was a revelatory experience–like a reset button. Recently, one unexpectedly brought up a 30 yrs old trauma I’ve let hold me back all this time. Karen guided a Healing Spirit setting me on a welcome new path.-​ JC Lovetti, Filmmaker​

Although my reading with Karen was my first one ever, I can confirm that not only was she accurate about my strongest hopes and desires, she also projected things that would soon come to pass. She gave me the confidence and affirmations I needed to begin the next chapter of my life. – ​Pharlone Charity Toussaint  MA

My reading with Karen was SO insightful, really fun, and so inspiring. Karen joyfully and creatively transitioned me from a constricted, gloomy, worried, exhausted space to one of ease and grace. The spirits are awesome and  I AM GOING TO create my epic multi media universal creation myth. ​- Beatrice   Star, CA

Dear Karen, A million thanks and deep appreciation for your readings.  They are unique, wise, and incisive, springing from your intuitive core, your inter-dimensional connectedness, and your enjoyment and fun! ​​- Gale Dorian, NM

Karen Jones Meadows has given me readings several times.  Her last one was so insightful, giving me new and interesting information about family history. She guided me about issues from the past, and for present and future efforts.    It has all been so helpful during these turbulent times. She is tops. ​– Carla D., NM, A Good Life By Design

Thank you Karen for following your heart, you are a blessing to everyone that you help. ​- D. Archie, WA

Peace and pleasure,